Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome and Getting Started
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    • Welcome to Content Creation Tools and Tips
    • Planning is the starting point
    • But I have nothing to say
  • 02
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    • Media Marketing and Promotions Planner
    • The Handy List of Content Tools
    • The Content Creation Dictionary
    • A Framework to help you write articles
    • Creating Blog Posts - The Makeup of a Post
    • The Big Image Site List
    • Font Sites and Tools
  • 03
    Creating Content
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    • Creating Content
    • Use the work out loud technique
    • A look at Canva + tips on resizing images and starting an Inforgraphic
    • How to use Canva to Make a GIF
    • Creating Memes and Branded Images on Your Phone
    • Tips for Blogging and Guest Blogging
    • Talking out your blog posts and Ideas using Talk to Type
    • Create amazing presentations to remember
    • Making and editing Screencasts
    • Adding Captions to Videos on Facebook and YouTube
    • Behind the hashtag - Stats Influencers and More
    • Make your own Word Cloud
    • Make Video Memes
    • Auto Resizing in Canva
    • Create a Music Playlist to Share
    • Create a meme with the image inverted to the text
    • Branding and Editing Videos with WeVideo
    • Turn Your Blog Posts into Videos
    • How to publish Posts on Medium with Missing Lettr
    • How to Create Square Videos for Instagram with Lumen 5
  • 04
    Building Audience
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    • Building an Audience
    • How to Invite Post Likes to Like your Page
    • Daily Hashtags you can use in your social media
    • Hashtags by Industry and Theme
    • Expand the links on Your Instagram Profile to share more about you!
    • Guest Posting what to look out for as an author
    • Running a Facebook Group - Is it right for your business?
    • Using Social Media at Events
    • What Social Media Channel?
  • 05
    Sharing Your Content
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    • Sharing Content
    • Creating Social Media Posts for Your Blogs with Missing Lett_r
    • Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Business
    • Save time and see posts you need to reply
    • Marketing your content in your email signature
  • 06
    Repurposing Content
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    • Repurposing Content
    • How to download your YouTube Videos to Reshare on other channels
    • How to Share a Repurpose Your Facebook Live to Youtube
  • 07
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    • What is evergreen?
    • Making the Most out of Facebook Groups
    • What do the Media Look for in a story?
    • Marketing with little or no budget
    • I have written a book now what?
  • 08
    Skills Webinars
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    • Keeping Up with Social Media with Gilad Salamnader from eClincher
    • 7 Conversion Killing Webinar Mistakes with David from Demio
    • Successful Social Media Habits with Missng Lettr Founder Benjamin Dell

Learn Content Creations Tools and Tips

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    Linda Reed-Enever

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