Welcome to Facebook for Business

In this course, I look forward to sharing with you my years of experience running business pages, along with the insight I have derived from running my own personal brand and profile on Facebook. 

We look at how to optimise your profile for Facebook, how to optimise your business page for Facebook as well as how to be a good member of the Facebook community. We will also investigate how to make the most of Facebook groups when it comes to social networking and the opportunities available to your business.

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Facebook for Business

    2. Pages, Profiles and Groups - What is the difference

    3. Facebook Terms of Service - It is important to read these

    4. Is your Audience on Facebook

    5. Engage to Get Engagement on Facebook

    6. Are you being spammy without knowing it?

    7. Social Media Dictionary

    8. Facebook Abbreviations & Acronyms Explained

    1. Scheduling and Automation

    2. Image and Video Creation

    3. Tools from Facebook

    1. Creating your Facebook Profile

    2. Optimising your Facebook Profile for Networking on Facebook

    3. Facebook Profile Tips

    4. Tips to Keep Your Facebook Profile Active

    1. Creating a Facebook Page

    2. The types of Facebook Pages you can choose from when setting up or editing your page

    3. Facebook Page Role Functions Explained

    4. Simple Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Page

    5. Ways to Grow to your page

    6. A look at Page Insights

    7. Invite People who Like Your Posts to Your Page

    8. Creating an Event for Your Business

    1. Making the most of Facebook Groups for your Business

    2. Finding Facebook Groups to Network In

    3. Network like you would in Person

    4. Groups are not all about Marketing

    5. Is running a Facebook Group right for your business?

    6. How to Follow a Post

    7. When you join a Facebook Group

    1. Creating engaging Facebook Content

    2. Facebook Images - Sizes and what you need to know

    3. The Big List of Facebook Post Ideas

    4. 10 Questions you can ask to engage Your Audience

    5. 10 Images you can create to share on Facebook

    6. The Power of Video on Facebook

    7. Evergreen Video Ideas for Facebook

    8. 10 Ideas to help you "Go Live"

    9. Facebook Live Tips

    10. The Tools I use when going Live on Facebook

    11. Repurposing Content into Facebook Posts

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 48 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Key Areas we will cover:

  • Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

    Setting up your profile on Facebook for business. So friends family and those you network with can connect with you and find what you do.

  • Making the most of your Facebook Page

    We will look at how to set, brand and optimize your page. As well as ways create engagement for your business with your Facebook Page and build your audience.

  • Being Part of the Facebook Community

    We are also going to explore how being part of the Facebook Community can boost your business and help you get found on Facebook. Along with some best practice tips.