What is Inspire Engage Connect?

Inspire Engage & Connect on Instagram is designed to help you create consistency and engagement together as a group on Instagram.

We will help you with themes and ideas on what to post throughout the year (emailed to you on the 15th of each month)

And share with you tools and tips along the way to help you on your Instagram journey.

What is the investment?

Normally $9.97 a month you will get the themes, tips and tricks emailed to you.  But for April you can join in for 

However to make it work it will need a commitment for you to create the content,  and engage and connect with other members.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to Inspire Engage Connect

    • Share Your Instagram Links

  • 02

    Tutorials and How To's

    • Let's Optimise Your Instagram Profile

    • How to Convert Your Instagram Profile to a Business Profile

    • How to use Canva to Make a GIF

    • Building your Brand and Engagement with Instagram TV

    • Webinar Replay: Instagram made Easy with Megan from Meet Egdar

    • How to Program Posts and Stories to Instagram

  • 03

    Themes and Post Ideas

    • Inspire Engage Connect Themes Jan 2020

    • Inspire Engage Connect Themes Feb 2020

    • Inspire Engage Connect Themes March 2020

    • Inspire Engage Connect Themes April/May 2020

    • Inspire Engage Connect Themes May/June 2020

Meet your Challenge Leader:

Publicist and Marketing Consultant Linda Reed-Enever lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas. Linda is the Principal Director at Enever Group and Founder of Media Connections and Business Business Business. With her ‘can do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit she inspires and motivates as she connects people and opportunity. Linda’s innate ability to network and think on her feet has positioned her as a dynamic leader in the communications and marketing arena and often the marketing ‘go to’ girl.

Linda Reed-Enever

PR and Marketing - Go To Girl