Business Business Business is thrilled to offer business owners the unique opportunity to access some of the finest experts in the small business realm, courtesy of a Small Business Skills Summit delivered directly to you online.

Spanning 11 days, the summit will cover topics including business know how, identifying the ideal customer, the business bottom line, as well as marketing, and more.

Attendees can pick and choose the presenters they wish to see, engage in question and answer forums, or enjoy the convenience of accessing information for three months after the event. 

And it all takes place in the comfort of your office, home or even while you’re on holidays.

Each presenter will share their expertise, via video, supported by handouts. homework and some very special offers for summit attendees.

The summit officially runs from August 1 to 11 and features a new presentation daily delivering insight and expertise into the essential tools all businesses require.

In 2019 the Summit will also feature Live Panel sessions for extra insight and live Q&A with our Panel.

What's On Each Day

  • 01

    August 1st

    • Welcome to the Small Business Skills Summit

    • Doyle Buehler - Content Creation with SEO Value - How to Create a Purpose Driven Marketing Strategy

  • 02

    August 2nd

    • Jane Tweedy - Getting Great Leads to Come to You

  • 03

    August 3rd

    • Jess Riches - Facebook Ads Made Easy

  • 04

    August 4th

    • Liz Jarvis - The Numbers you need to Know for Better Business Decisions

  • 05

    August 5th

    • Megan McMullin - The Evergreen Side of Social Media Marketing

  • 06

    August 6th

    • Melinda Sampson - 9 Common and Costly Google Ads Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

    • Replay: Live Q&A Session 11am: The Things You Need In Place for Business with Liz Jarvis, Steven Brown and Karen Hillen

    • Replay: Live Q&A Session with Melinda Samson and Jess Riches on Creating Ads that Work

  • 07

    August 7th

    • Steven Brown - Make A Legal Map for Your Business

  • 08

    August 8th

    • Clive Enever - The 10 Major Ingredients to a Sale

    • Replay: Live Q&A Panel on Social Selling with Doyle Buehler Megan McMullin Jay Crisp Crow and Jane Tweedy

  • 09

    August 9th

    • Jay Crisp Crow - Crisp Copy that Converts

  • 10

    August 10th

    • Paula Hanson - Preparing Your Voice for Presenting

    • Replay: The Power of Presentation in Business with Clive Enever and Paula Hanson

  • 11

    August 11th

    • Karen Hillen - HR policies, employment contracts and why you need them

Why attend the Small Business Skills Summit

  • Dedicated Facebook Group for Access to our Presenters

    The Summit is supported by a dedicated Facebook group where presenters will be available on the day of their presentation to answer any questions about the topics covered.

  • Attend all sessions in your own time around your business

    The online nature of the Small Business Skills Summit means you can attend every session. And if you miss one you have 3 months to catch up.

  • Designed for business owners by business owners

    We have put this together with small business needs and challenges front of mind. Being business owners we know that you want to learn and do business too.

Don't miss a presentation. Your ticket gets you access to all our presenters Online and in your own time over the Summit and for 3 months afterwards

Meet Our Presenters

Human resources expert Karen Hillen will step business operators through the process of employment contracts and why they’re so important when she presents at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. 

All business decisions are better when they’re backed up by appropriate numbers – but what numbers, and how do you know whether those numbers are meaningful, or whether they’re right or wrong? Chartered accountant, Liz Jarvis will be on hand to assist with insight into the numbers that matter.

Jay Crisp-Crow has built a career on writing words that sell, and now the talented copywriter is set to share all her secret skills at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. In a seminar entitled “Crisp copy that converts”, Jay will look at conversion copywriting and how it fits within a market. 

As the CEO of Dept Digital and a global entrepreneur, Doyle brings a multifaceted perspective to content creation and digital best practice in the online age. Back by popular demand for his second year presenting at the Skills Summit, this year Doyle will take a deep-dive into the art of digital storytelling, with a focus on search engine optimisation.

Facebook ads may seem complicated but according to co founder and lead ad strategist of social media agency Enriches Business, Jess Riches, business owners have access to the same tools and resources as the really big players.  Now she will share where to find those tools and how to use them to get the best effect when she presents at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. 

Megan brings a touch of the international to the Small Business Skills Summit. She currently works for MeetEdgar, a social media automation tool that helps small businesses succeed in Social Media Marketing.  Megan is looking forward to sharing all the tricks and tips on how business owners can amplify their message across social media platforms in her presentation on the ‘Evergreen Side of Social Media Marketing’. 

The business journey might be one of excitement where the ultimate goal is success, but as a business lawyer Steven Brown of Etienne Lawyers notes, it’s also a voyage laden with hidden legal traps and legislative minefields. Steven will help business owners navigate this legal minefield when he shares his years of legal expertise.

Long before a business establishes a reputation and enjoys word of mouth referrals, operators need to generate their own leads and sales. Jane Tweedy of FAQ Business Training will be on hand at this year’s Small Business Skills Summit to offer her invaluable insight into exactly how that’s done.

In the digital age, Google Ads is one of those essential skills business owners are looking to master in order to deliver leads and sales. Now Google ads consultant, speaker and trainer Melinda Samson is set to share her expertise at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019. This August, Melinda will share the tips and tricks she has acquired during more than a decade specialising in Google Ads when she presents her seminar on the ‘9 Common and Costly Google Ads Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)’.

Whether it’s face to face or on the phone, presenting with clarity and confidence is an essential skill all business owners require.  At this year’s Small Business Skills Summit, vocal coach and internationally trained opera singer Paula Hanson is set to offer her top tips on how to use your voice to best effect when presenting. Paula runs Speak Up, Stand Out, and works with business owners to improve their voice when public speaking or engaging with clientele.

Whether they know it or not, every business is involved in sales, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as many would have you believe. Clive Enever, will share over 30 years of sales wisdom when he presents on the ‘10 major ingredients of a sale’ at the Small Business Skills Summit 2019.