The AI, Async & Automation Hub

The AI, Async & Automation Hub is a resource designed specifically for business owners and course creators who are looking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence, asynchronous communication, and automation to streamline their operations, increase productivity, and grow their businesses.

The Hub offers a variety of tools and resources to help users understand and implement these technologies into their daily operations and is the perfect resource to help you stay ahead of the curve and take your business to the next level. Including:

  • Our Workflows for using AI, Asynchronous and Automation technology

  • Easy to understand tutorials and examples

  • Best practices for implementing these technologies in your business

  • Expert Sessions from the Creators of the technologies

The Hub is led by our tech go-to and founder Linda Reed-Enever

whose passion for bright, shiny objects and testing technology is delivered to you in the hub with easy-to-understand tutorials.

Linda Reed-Enever is an Ideas and Marketing Strategist who boasts a unique knack for helping businesses and individuals tap into their marketing, branding, and business potential. Linda leads the Impact team at Enever Group and is the founder of Business Business Business, The Marketing and Course Creators Circles. She draws on both her educational background and over 20 years of experience in the marketing arena, to help businesses and individuals build their profiles and take their ideas to market. Linda’s expertise encompasses innovative ideas that span marketing, public relations, course creation, social media, marketing automation, and branding. She has a talent for simplifying complex topics to help business owners build their profile, their brand, and their expertise.

Linda Reed-Enever

Ideas and Marketing Strategist

What's inside for Members:

with more workflows and tutorials being added each month

    1. Welcome to the AI, Async and Automation Hub! Before we start...

    2. Navigating the hub and our workflows

    1. Abandoned Cart: Email Workflow

    2. Asynchronous Podcasting Episode Production Workflow

    3. Automating Social Proof on your Website and Thinkific Schools

    4. Blog Post Ideation, Creation and Marketing Workflow

    5. Client Enquiry and Discovery Workflow

    6. Event & Webinar Marketing Workflow

    7. Lead Magnet Workflow: eBook

    8. Lead Magnet Workflow: Quizzes

    9. Long Form Video: Recording to Publication on multiple channels

    10. Presentation Ideation & Creation Workflow

    11. Newsletter Campagin Workflow

    12. Nurture Sequence Workflows

    13. Podcast Ideation to Publication Workflow

    14. Repurposing Long Form Video Content Workflow

    15. RSS to Email Workflow

    16. Short Form Video: Recording to Publication on Multiple Channels Workflow

    17. Facebook Group Management with Automation Workflow

    1. How we can use AI in Content Planning

    2. AI Copy Writing Prompts to help you with your content creation and planning

    3. How to Use Answer the Public to Find Content Ideas

    4. Harnessing the Power of AI Video: How to Create Human Like AI Videos with Synthesia

    5. Finding Video Ideas with VidIQ and the Daily Ideas Tab

    6. Generate Blog Outlines and even full blog posts with Bramework

    7. Wordgenie: Your AI Writing Assistant for Non-Fiction eBooks in 6 Clicks

    8. AI and Automation Video editing with Descript

    9. Turn your blogs into social short form video without getting on camera with Pictory

    10. Turn Blog Posts into ebooks with AI and Automation

    11. Converting an eBook into an Audio Book in Designrr

    12. Create a Quiz in Minutes Expert Session Replay

    13. Create Waveforms & Audiograms for your podcast with AI

    14. Automatically Publish your Podcasts on your website with Simple Podcast Press

    15. Setting Up Your Podcast Questions in Rumble Studio

    16. Create Short Form Videos from Your Long Form Video in One Click with Opus Clip

    17. Repurpose Video to Audio for Podcasts

    18. Repurposing Long Form Video Transcripts into Other Content

    1. Zapier and its Superpowers

    2. Create a presentation in minutes with Tome

    3. Turn a Word doc into a PowerPoint in a few clicks

    4. How to Build a Coaching Business that Works on Your Timezone with Zulu

    5. Creating a Newsletter with Mailerlite

    6. An Introduction to Mailerlite

    1. Meet Edgar - Automation and AI for social media

    2. Share your content with other people's audience on autopilot using Missing Letter Curate

    3. An Introduction to Setting Up Successful Quizzes

    4. Unlocking the Full Potential of YouTube Podcasts

    5. Automating FOMO and Social Proof with Wiser Notify

    6. How Do I Repost My Facebook Video Without Uploading It Again

    7. How to Automate the Admin of Your Facebook Group

    8. Where Do I Find the Group Rules and Member Questions for My Facebook Group

    9. Facebook Group Schedule Template

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