The Enever Group Business Academy combines the Skills and Knowledge of Business Business Business Founders, Clive Enever and Linda Reed-Enever in one central learning hub.

Both industry and business leaders in their own right Clive and Linda are both passionate about empowerment through education and knowledge.

  • Meet your Course Leaders

    Publicist and Marketing Consultant Linda Reed-Enever lives and breathes publicity with a passion for connecting; everything from people to ideas. Linda is the Principal Director at ThoughtSpot PR and Founder of Media Connections and Business Business Business. With her ‘can do’ attitude and entrepreneurial spirit she inspires and motivates as she connects people and opportunity. Linda’s innate ability to network and think on her feet has positioned her as a dynamic leader in the communications and marketing arena and often the marketing ‘go to’ girl.

    Linda Reed-Enever

    PR and Marketing - Go To Girl

    Linda Reed-Enever