Course curriculum

  • 01

    Getting Started:

    • Welcome to Blogging for Business

    • What is a Business Blog

    • The Platforms

    • What’s in a Blog

    • The Blogging for Business Toolkit

    • Is Blogging Right for Your Business

    • The Benefits of Blogging for Business

  • 02

    Your Own Business Blog

    • Blog to Educate and Empower Your Market

    • How often should you Blog-

    • What to Blog On

    • The Big List of Blog Post Ideas

    • The Keyword Conundrum

    • Planning your blogging strategy

  • 03

    The Blog Post Its-self

    • Behind a Blog Post

    • Finding Images to use on your Blog

    • Using and Creating Images

    • Make sure your readers can comment on your blogs posts

    • Is your blog post shareable?

    • Adding Video to Your Blog Posts

    • Before you hit publish

    • The Blogging for Business Checklist

    • Send Your Blog Post in for Review

  • 04

    Guest Blogging

    • Guest Blogging for Business

    • Finding Places to Guest Blog

    • What to look for as an author when Guest Posting

    • Tips for being a great Guest Author

  • 05

    Sharing and Marketing

    • Driving Traffic to your Blog

    • Places you can share your blog after you hit publish

    • How to share your blog posts with your email list

    • RSS Campaigns with Mailchimp

    • How to Create a years worth Social Media Posts

    • Using RSS Feeds to share your Posts to Social Media

    • Share your latest post in your email Signature

  • 06

    Re-purposing Content

    • 12 Ways you can repurpose your blog posts

    • Turn your blog posts into Videos easily

  • 07

    Final Thoughts:

    • Thank you and my Final Tips

  • 08

    Further Reading and Learning

    • What is Evergreen Content?

    • Working with Brands

    • Content Creation Tools and Tips - eCourse

    • Newsworthy Moments in Business eCourse

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Nicole Bathurst

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“Great online course! Easy to follow in bite-size chunks. So many ideas and inspiration! Thankyou!”

“Great online course! Easy to follow in bite-size chunks. So many ideas and inspiration! Thankyou!”

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