Creating Communities with Facebook Groups

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Easy to use and accessible, Facebook is a great way to bring people together around a subject or cause, but how do you go about creating a dynamic, vibrant Facebook community?

In this essential e-course, we’re diving into the nuts and bolts of Facebook Groups including how to create them, the best tips and tools for managing them and the potential for monetising your group.

The course features all the latest insight into Facebook Groups while drawing on my experience running Business Business Business, a Facebook group with over 30,000 members.

An integral part of this course will be a dedicated members-only Facebook group where course participants can work together, discuss ideas and enjoy ongoing support as they create their own Facebook community.

In this course, I share my how to’s and top tips for creating a Facebook Community from my experience as a group admin and the founder of Business Business Business. And I answer all those questions I am most often asked about making a Facebook Group work.

Creating Communities with Facebook Groups

What we will cover in:

    1. Welcome and a few tips for the course

    2. Join our 'Creating Communities with Facebook' support group

    3. Let's start by looking at a few Questions

    4. Facebook Groups Toolkit

    1. What will my Topic or Niche Be?

    2. Naming Your Group

    3. The Benefits of Running a Facebook Group

    4. What Does/will Your Group Stand For

    5. Great Guidelines make a Great Group

    6. Creating Your Group Guidelines and What Your Group will Stand For Worksheet

    7. Using Group Questions to Qualify Members

    8. Public, Closed or Secret - What is the Difference?

    9. How to Create a Facebook Group and Add Your Qualifying Questions

    10. Open Posting or Admin Approved Posts - Which will suit your group?

    11. Selecting Your Admins

    12. Interview Questions for Your Admin Team

    13. Let's Talk about Group Size

    14. How to use Groups as Part of a Paid Program

    1. Creating Engagement

    2. Creating Engagement in your Facebook Community

    3. The Big List of Conversation Starters

    4. Do you have theme days/group themes or not?

    5. The pros and cons of Group Facebook Lives

    6. 100 Fun Facebook Group Post Ideas

    1. Setting Boundaries for yourself and the Group

    2. Growing Your Group

    3. Ways to Promote Your Group

    4. There are Good Days and Bad - How to Handle Both

    5. My top 5 tips for Running a Facebook Group

    6. It is OK to change and add things or take things away

    1. Let's talk money!

    2. Ways You Can Monetise Your Group

    1. How to Create a Group

    2. Linking Your Page to Your Group

    3. Setting Your Vanity URL

    4. How To Turn Off Comments on a post thread

    5. Branding your Group with a Cover Image

    6. Adding and Approving Members

    7. Adding an Admin to your Group

    8. How to Create a Pinned Post

    9. Creating a list of Alert Words for your Group

    10. A look at Group Settings

    11. A look at the Admin Activity Area

    12. A look at Group Insights

    13. Checking a Member's Group Activity

    14. How to Mute a Member for a Short Time

    15. How to monitor a thread without commenting

    16. How to delete a Post or Comment

    17. How to Bulk Welcome New Group Members

    18. How to change the colour of your Facebook Group

    19. Removing and Blocking a Member

    20. How to link a group to another group

    21. How to turn on Post Approval by Member

    22. Changes to the Members Area - The tabs have moved and more details

    23. Deleting or Archiving a Group

    24. Setting Checkbox or Multiple Choice Questions for your groups

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Tasha Jennings

5 star rating

“Great practical advice you can start implementing straight away. Value plus!”

“Great practical advice you can start implementing straight away. Value plus!”

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Nicole Bathurst

5 star rating

“Great online course! Easy to follow in bite-size chunks. So many ideas and inspiration! Thankyou!”

“Great online course! Easy to follow in bite-size chunks. So many ideas and inspiration! Thankyou!”

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Linda Reed-Enever

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Linda Reed-Enever is an Ideas and Marketing Strategist who boasts a unique knack for helping businesses and individuals tap into their marketing, branding, and business potential. Linda leads the Impact team at Enever Group and is the founder of Business Business Business, The Marketing and Course Creators Circles. She draws on both her educational background and over 20 years of experience in the marketing arena, to help businesses and individuals build their profiles and take their ideas to market. Linda’s expertise encompasses innovative ideas that span marketing, public relations, course creation, social media, marketing automation, and branding. She has a talent for simplifying complex topics to help business owners build their profile, their brand, and their expertise.

Linda Reed-Enever

Ideas and Marketing Strategist

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