Plan Act Evaluate Sales

Join Business Strategist and Business Business Business Co-Founder Clive Enever for a Live version of his Plan Act Evaluate course where each week Clive will run you through understanding the process of sales and how to make it a comfortable and consistent part of your business.

Over 5 weeks you will:

  • Meet with Clive as a group over Zoom for your weekly sales strategy session

  • Explore the 10 Ingredients to a Sale that works in every business

  • Understand what it is to build rapport and gain trust and How to do it; &

  • Identify your ideal client

There will be homework for you to do each week which Clive will review with you too.

Jump in Quick the Master Class start on November 10am Friday 16th of November 

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Finding our Weekly Calls

    1. Introduction to Sales: A Definition of Sales & Sales Is An ‘Art’.

    2. Plan Act Evaluate Online Meeting 20181116

    1. Introducing the Product or Service - Week 2

    2. The Statement of Intent - Week 2

    3. Plan Act Evaluate Online Meeting 20181123

    1. "Sell" - Create the Want - Week 3

    2. Discovery Questions

    3. Plan Act Evaluate Online Meeting 20181130

    1. Closing and Rebuttals - Week 4

    2. Reassurance Close - Feel, Felt, Found.

    3. Rebuttal - Cheaper One

    4. Rebuttal - Competitor

    5. Plan Act Evaluate Online Meeting 20190118

    1. Securing the Sale & # 10 - Week 5

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

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Meet Your Course Leader

As a successful business strategist, Clive Enever has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all key areas required to encourage business owners to grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Clive provides powerful and high impact mentoring to business owners, using an approach that is warm yet direct and ever results-driven. Clive’s clients attest to being able to build their success alongside creating the lifestyle they crave – putting an end to the myth that business success requires total personal sacrifice. Whether business owners seek to increase their profits, improve sales results, streamline performance or develop staff, Clive can assist in the ‘spring-boarding’ of business success.

Clive Enever

Business Strategist