Featuring 60 presenters and spanning 11 days, the summit will cover all the essential areas of business, with topics including business mindset, identifying the ideal customer, wellbeing, the business bottom line, as well as marketing and more.

Attendees can pick and choose the presenters they wish to see, engage in question and answer forums, or enjoy the convenience of accessing information for three months after the event. 

And it all takes place in the comfort of your office, home or even while you’re on holidays.

Each presenter will share their expertise, via video, supported by handouts. homework and some very special offers for summit attendees.

The summit officially runs from August 6 to 16 and features a daily lineup of presenters delivering their insight and expertise into the essential tools all businesses require.

Don't miss a presentation your ticket gets you access to all our presenters Online and in your own time over the Summit and for 3 months afterwards

Small Business Skills Summit Topics & Lineup

Monday, August 6th
  • Zivit Inbar - Building a Strong Team Culture
  • Trish Springsteen - Get Known Be Seen Sharing Your Expertise
  • Amanda Vanelderen - Write Better: How To Cut The Crap And Say What You Mean
  • Clive Enever - How to Identify your ideal client
  • Jenny De Lacy - Using Facebook Live to Grow Your People, Your Profile and Your Profit 
  • Steven Brown - Why Intellectual Property Needs to be Protected

Tuesday, August 7th
  • Suzi Chen -  Be in the Future: How to Spot a Trend
  • Sue Lester -  5 Ways Your Unconscious Blueprint Is Blocking Your Path To Success
  • Annemarie Cross - How to Build Brand Awareness, Become Known as a Thought Leader in Your Industry, and Continue to Generate Leads & Enquiries with Your Own Podcast Series
  • Liz Jarvis - Profitability Through Numbers
  • Karen Hillen -  What you need to know when you're thinking about employing your first employee

Wednesday, August 8th
  • Sarah Thomson - Email automation using MailChimp
  • Kerryn Powell - How to Network Effectively In Real Time
  • Thomas Krafft - Preventing PowerPoint Paralysis
  • Jemimah Ashleigh - Self-care in Entrepreneurship
  • Samantha Riley - How To Monetise Your Expertise & Create A Global Brand

Thursday, August 9th
  • Bev Ryan - How to Self-Publish a Business Book
  • Kate Toon - SEO for Small Business: How to get found online
  • Jane Tweedy - Pricing and packaging your services to attract clients
  • Linda Reed-Enever - How to Write a Press Release
  • Laura Elkaslassy - Profit First
  • Chantal Vanderhaeghen - Your Dream Team - Meditation and you

Friday, August 10th
  • David McMahon - Using Video with Marketing Automation: Generate, Nurture and Qualify New Leads Through Video
  • Bill Lee-Emery - Use Your 3 Brains to Make Wiser Business Decisions
  • Ross Keating - 5 Keys to Creating Delighted Repeat Customers
  • Rachel Allan - Authentic, savvy, dynamic marketing plans for business success
  • Katrena Friel - Refresh your Business

Saturday, August 11th
  • Sandra Muller - Confidence, Clarity and Consistency: A copywriter's secrets to writing well
  • Stephanie Gaddin - Dealing with Technology Overwhelm
  • Angela Kambouris - Leaving Ego At The Door When It Comes to Business
  • Rebecca Carroll-Bell - Bullying in the Workplace: How to spot and stop it
  • Kara Lambert - Engaging & Motivating your social media fans through psychology
  • Pete Williams - How to Grow Your Profits Sustainably and Effectively in the Seven Key Areas of Your Business

Sunday, August 12th
  • Paul Higgins - How to pick the right suppliers to help you rapidly grow your small business
  • Annette Densham - Business Awards - Taking You From 'Who Are You?' to 'We Want You'
  • Paul Luxford - The Top 10 Things Every Website Needs for Better Performance and Security.
  • Marguerita Vorobioff - Unstoppable: 5 Keys to Developing the Mindset of a Champion
  • Debbie Eglin - How to Systemise your Small Business
  • Lauren Clemett - Well known, well paid and wanted!

Monday, August 13th
  • Maureen Shelley - How to Look Big on a Small Budget
  • Scott Wastell - Budgeting and knowing your numbers
  • Sally Foley-Lewis P.U.M.P.™ - Pump Up My Productivity
  • Shannon Bush - Magnetic Messaging & The Power of Benefits
  • Karen Dauncey - How To Use Google AdWords Without Throwing Money Down The Drain

Tuesday, August 14th
  • Jay Crisp-Crow - Brand Voice in Copywriting
  • Lynette Delane - How Digital Filing can save you time
  • Denise Hall - How to Know What Your Business Is Worth
  • Angela Henderson - Mental Health and Small Business
  • Lisa Wiking - How To Build A Dream Team
  • Lisa Westgate - I don't deserve success - overcoming limiting beliefs

Wednesday, August 15th
  • Gary Weis - Your Online Reputation is Your Business - How to Stockpile 5 Star Reviews
  • Steve Brossman - The Blueprint Conversion System
  • Chris Reed - Resourcing and Offshore Teams
  • Doyle Buehler - How to sell more, monetise your marketing, and deliver your remarkable brand value with social selling and digital marketing
  • Kenz Soliman - Course creation for passive income
  • Dave Clare - Leadership In A Disruptive World

Thursday, August 16th
  • Andrew Ramsden - 5 steps to leveraging your existing IP that will result in excess time, excess profit and increase the value of your business
  • Elyssia Clark - How to get feedback from your customers that you can actually use to grow your business
  • Kylie Russell - Social media hacks from a professional to grow your following fast
  • Jon Ferrara - How To Build Your Personal Branding and Professional Network the Nimble Way

Why attend the Small Business Skills Summit

  • Dedicated Facebook Group for Access to our Presenters

    The Summit is supported by a dedicated Facebook group where presenters will be available on the day of their presentation to answer any questions about the topics covered.

  • Attend all sessions in your own time around your business

    The online nature of the Small Business Skills Summit means you can attend every session. And if you miss one you have 3 months to catch up.

  • Designed for business owner by business owners

    We have put this with small business needs and challenges front of mind, being business owners we know that you want to learn and do business too.